Dr. Harsh Shanishwara
Other Procedures
Wedding Makeover
For the perfect wedding look and beyond.
A holistic approach with professional expertise and technological advancement in plastic and cosmetics surgery gives you a wide range of procedures to select from depending upon your personal requirements. Ranging from body contouring to skin rejuvenation to laser hair removal, there is whole of procedures there which can make you feel lot more confident and beautiful on your special day.
Mommy Makeover
The purpose of a mommy makeover is to restore a woman's body's form and attractiveness after childbirth. Following pregnancy, many women experience changes in their bodies. The breasts, abdomen, waist, genitalia, and buttocks are among the most routinely treated parts of the body. One reason for its popularity is that the mommy makeover has no set components; each procedure is custom-tailored to fit the individual patient's unique needs.
Corporate Makeover
How you look is a reflection of how you feel. And when you're feeling confident, it shows in your work too. A corporate makeover is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is performed to improve an individual's overall appearance. It is an elective procedure. It is up to the patient to decide whether or not he or she needs it. Facial surgery, liposuction, laser hair removal, and other procedures are examples of corporate makeover tactics.
Bariatric surgery
Bariatric surgery is a surgery used to help people who are severely obese to help them lose weight. When traditional weight-loss measures, such as diet control, exercise, and so on, have failed, severe obese patients with BMI > 40 may benefit from weight-loss surgery.
Post bariatric body contouring
Patients who have had bariatric surgery often notice that their skin has "deflated" in various places of their body, including the face, arms, breasts, belly, and thighs, especially if they have dropped more than 100 pounds. Body contouring is performed after massive weight loss achieved by bariatric procedures. It improves the shape and tone of underlying tissue and removes excess sagging fat and skin, resulting in smoother body contours and a firm appearance.